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As with the majority of emerging markets, the Russian market has its peculiarities. This is why many successful overseas marketing strategies may require localization. We can help to ensure successful launch and promotion in our market, providing research, strategy localization, selection of subcontractors  and support at implementation stage.  

Market research

As part of Market Research we are using competitor intelligence, competitor analysis, SWOT and PEST Analysis.

Our market research and analysis provides an accurate picture of the market, its current status, potential and outlook.


Market size and forecast are detailed in the following areas:

  • Main competitors
  • Types of customers
  • Products
  • Sales channels
  • Market segmentation
  • Selected strategies of the key players
  • SWOT analysis of the key players
  • The main products on the market:
  • Description of factors influencing the dynamics of the product promotion
  • Development trends and outlook for each product
  • Target audience for each product
  • Current and future structure of the value added by product

Services we could provide as a Marketing package support:

  • Market Study and Analysis, Company's Position on the market
  • Competitive Environment and Direct Competitors Research
  • Determination of the Strategic Projects Portfolio for the implementation of the marketing strategy for key units:
    • Branding Policy and Brands of the company
    • Assortment & Price Policy and Price Positioning
    • Sales and Distribution Policy, Channels of Distribution
    • Advertising and Trade-marketing policy
    • Marketing System and Department, the structure of Marketing and Development Department
  • Support of the Marketing Strategy Implementation (methodological support, audit, plan implementation, education and training, search and recruitment of staff, etc.).

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