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Intermediary services

Search for local partners and negotiating in a particular industry;
•Client search (all over Russia), establish contacts with strategic investors and investment funds;
•Ñonstant stream of orders for the purchase of the business from strategic investors and investment funds;
•Ñomprehensive business preparation for sale;
•Investment memorandum;
•Investment business valuation;
•Full legal support during business acquisition;
•Business assessment.
•Search for the business on sale by the set parameters;
•Existing business acquisition advice;
•Business acquisition negotiation on behalf of the company;
•Independent assessment of the business value;
•Due diligence - pre-investment analysis of the business on sale with the expert report provision;
•Legal support of business sale and acquisition;

 Interim management, Transaction and Startup Support.

•Temporary vacancies substitution in company management
 Temporary performance of a director’s duties, managing and finishing of existing projects, making other directors aware of current situation
•Company reorganization and project management
 Analysis and change of business strategy, extension of company activities, turn-around management, increase of internal process effectiveness, creation of a controlling systems, restructuring and development of new kinds of activities
•Entering Russian market
 Temporary fulfillment of duties, development of entering the market strategy, if required
•Business liquidation
 Company liquidation and finishing of the activities including relations with all the parties concerned
•System of control and supervision
 Representing your company interests in relation with (Russian) partners and (Russian) directors

 Advantages of Operative Interim Management
 •Analysis of the situation, development of action plan and its fulfillment by one employee
•Economy on social payments, vacation payments and other staff expenses
•Minimal time spent at initial phase of work
•Focus on specific tasks
•An interim manager promptly takes on the authorities and responsibility
•After the interim manager leaves the company, you will have great know-how on delegating authorities
•Absence of compensations during contract termination
•An external perspective will help to develop new ideas and keep objectivity while making decisions

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