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We can help you to avoid major pitfalls of Russian legislation. Our consultants will share their expertise of successful market launches.

We provide consultative support for the following topics:
•Typical mistakes of business organization in Russia
•Key success factors
•Generic legal issues
•Legal forms of organization  
•Standard business models in Russia
•Cross-cultural communication, key peculiarities of  Russian mindset
•Labor law, work permits, visa application
•Accounting and taxation
•Licensing, certification and customs clearance

 Legal advice, company registration ;

We are ready to provide you legal advice and support in the registration of the legal entity that will match your business needs (OOO, OAO, ZAO). In addition to that we can support you to get your branch/ representative office/subsidiary accredited in Russia.

 Our services:
•Compilation of documents (including translation)
•Tax Authority registration
•Statistical Authority registration
•Social Insurance/Pension Fund registration
•Company stamp
•Submission/obtaining of documents in the State Registration Chamber or other accrediting agencies
•Bank account opening

Accounting and Taxation;
•Tax reporting optimization for activities and internal accounting policies of an enterprise;
•Risk analysis, account set-up, management and restoration, eliminating tax accounting errors to avoid complaints and financial sanctions from the tax authorities;
•Tax exemption and tax incentives advice;
•Company representation in Tax/Judicial authorities during legal proceedings of law violation, VAT refund, report generation;
•Daily operations and project management consulting.

Business Plan, Financial Model Design;

The Business Plan is the basic document of an enterprise, developing a new business or service. It allows you to get promoted in new markets, assess risks, recruit personnel, form expenditure and revenue structure of the enterprise in the medium term.

Our experts, in accordance with your preferences will design a Business Plan to grow your business.

Successful Business Plan design may require some time. In the case of acquisition of an existing enterprise in Russia, we together with the company representatives will need to collect and analyze large volumes of information, sometimes re-examine the collected information or conduct additional studies. Our experts can take over all such responsibilities.
When creating a new company in Russia we will give you advice on the possible reduction of costs and time for organizational procedures, such as registration of the company.

Economic Efficiency Evaluation, Investment Attractiveness, Business & Intellectual Property Valuation;

If you consider Russian market entry through the acquisition of an existing business we will examine the investment attractiveness and economic efficiency of the enterprise chosen for the investment. These services are provided as a part of Business Valuation, where we have more than 20 years of experience.

Business valuation is aims to define the value of a company as a property complex that could bring profit to its owner. During the valuation all the company's assets are defined: real estate, machinery and equipment, inventories, investments, intangible assets. In addition, we separately evaluate the effectiveness of the company, its past, present and future revenues, development prospects and competitive environment in the market, and then we compare the evaluated company with enterprise-level counterparts. Based on this comprehensive analysis we provide a realistic assessment of the business profitability as a property complex.

The objectives of business valuation may be:

• Management efficiency improvement;

• Feasibility study of the investment decision;

• Development plan (Business Plan);

• Company restructuring (liquidation, merger, acquisition, separation);

• Market value determination in case of the company's partial or total purchase or sale, one or more members withdrawal, etc.;

• Value determination of  the company’s securities, shares, capital shares in cases of various transactions;

• Determination of the company's creditworthiness and the amount of a collateral at lending;

• Determination of the market value of the property for insurance purposes;

• Taxation (company sssessment is needed to determine the tax base);

• Asset revaluation for accounting purposes;

• Adding founders’ property contributions to the authorized capital;

• Share purchase from shareholders;

• Court appeal on the property seizure;

• Business rental evaluation;

• Securities issue.

 If you plan to buy a Russian company, our Financial and Tax Expert Review will help you gain a clear picture of the financial and tax situation of the acquired company.

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